Friday, June 15, 2012

Painted Drum-Louise Erdrich

Painted Drum-Louise Erdrich

the facts
pages: 276
gender: F
nationality: USA,Chippewa
year: 2006

A painted drum is found in an estate sale and the novel follows its creation and its present and the people involved.

This was not a happy book. There are some disturbing stories that I have never encountered before. There is a lot of grief and bones going on. And yet, it was a beautiful novel. Finely crafted and exquisitely aching. It feels earnest and it even has a happy ending.

The intersecting and cross-generational time lines and stories all flow into each other. Even more importantly, the coincidences are not that outrageous and it's all so completely believable. I believed in this story tracing this drum from its creation out of tragedy to its healing to its exile to its return. Yet the story is also interwoven with spirituality and beliefs that are clearly not White Western ideas. Whether the drum heals people or not was not really the important part of the story, it was the people who believed in it.

I loved it, punto finit.

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