Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fog-Caroline B. Cooney

Fog-Caroline B. Cooney

the facts
satisfaction: up
pages: 153
gender: F
nationality: USA
year: 1989
YA Novel (Series: Losing Christina)

The Shevvingtons are perfect. Mr. Shevvington is the charming, handsome principal of Christina's school. His wife is a dedicated English teacher. When the Autumn fog rolls over the coast, Christian and Anya begin boarding at the Shevvington's home, where Christina discovers that nothing is as it seems. Anya is slowly losing her mind, and Christina knows the Shevvingtons are behind it.

I've read a lot of Cooney (I was a fan of hers while an actual YA) and this might be my favorite of her work. I actually found this creepy. The descriptions are good in that they seem to concentrate the creepiness of the whole thing. The changeability of the sea is put to good work to build up this murky backdrop against which the sinister Shevvingtons really manage to creep you out. There are a lot of things that don't add up and a lot is left to the imagination but Cooney manages to feed the imagination just enough to keep you intrigued and reading.

The ending is perhaps too strange. The Shevvingtons are left without a single motive except for malice (and I have no idea if that changes later in the series) which doesn't ring true. But you know, enough was left open that I enjoyed wondering what/who were the real villians. the Sea? the House? or the Shevvingtons?

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