Tuesday, January 8, 2013

GWC Challenge

In my round up I alluded to joining a challenge in order to address my embarrassing lack of attention to non-English voices.

I've decided to join the Global Women of Color reading challenge run by Marilyn on whose blog I've long been a lurker. The challenge can be as tough or easy as you'd like. There're three tiers you could sign up for: reading and commenting, structured (read 10 books), or free form so really, there seems, to me, little reason not to join!

I signed up for structure and my list is below. I noticed on the comments that there was a call for Latin American authors, other than Isabel Allende, in translation. That called to memory that on my computer used to be a(n incomplete) list of female prize winners who had been translated at least once-I found it so I share it with you! These women have all won prestigious prizes like the Sor Juana and Torreviejas prizes and so I've no doubt they're lovely. I've pretty much been meaning to read all of them.

Claudia Piñeiro (All Yours & Thursday Night Widows) Argentina, South America
Cristina Rivera Garza (No One Will See Me Cry) Mexico, North America
Gioconda Belli (The Country Under My Skin & The Inhabited Woman & Scroll of Seduction & Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand) Nicaragua, Central America
Tununa Mercado (In a State of Memory) Argentina, South America
Cristina Sánchez-Andrade (Your King No Longer Treads the Earth) Galician, Europe
Margo Glantz (The Wake & The Family Tree) Mexico, North America
Ana Gloria Moya (Heaven of Drums ) Argentina, South America
Silvia Molina (The Love You Promised Me) Mexico, North America
Laura Restrepo (Delirium & The Dark Bride & Leopard in the Sun) Colombia, South America
Tatiana Lobo (Assault on Paradise) Costa Rica (Chile), Central America
Marcela Serrano (Antigua and my Life Before) Chile, South America
Zoé Valdés (I Gave You All I Had & Dear First Love) Cuba, Caribbean
Elena Poniatowska (Massacre in Mexico & Here’s To You Jesusa! & The Skin of the Eye) Mexico, North America
Lygia Fagundes Telles (The Girl in the Photograph & Tigrela and other Stories) Brazil, South America
Dulce María Loynaz (A Woman in Her Garden & Against Heaven) Cuba, Caribbean
Angelina Muñiz-Huberman (Mystical Journey & Enclosed Garden) Mexico, North America

Some more ideas, from other people (thanks Eva), are:
Ángeles Mastretta (Women with Big Eyes & Tear This Heart Out & Lovesick) Mexico North America
Luana Monteiro (Little Star of Bela Lua) Brazil South America
Patricia Sagastizabal (Secret for Julia) Argentina South America
Elizabeth Nunez (Prospero's Daughter & Bruised Hibiscus & Boundaries & Grace & Beyond the Limbo Silence) Trinidad Caribbean
Nalo Hopkinson (Brown Girl in the Ring & Midnight Robber & Chaos & Salt Roads) Jamaica Caribbean
Valeria Luiselli (Faces in the Crowd) Mexico North America
Marie-Elena John (Unburnable) Antigua Caribbean

Other Books I've Read (in the past) that Count Towards this Challenge:
(that I reccomend)

Memory Mambo-Achy Abejas (Cuba) Caribbean
Dreaming in Cuban-Cristina García (Cuba) Caribbean
How the García Girls Lost Their Accents-Julia Alvarez (Domincan Republic) Caribbean
Dew Breaker-Edwidge Danticat (Haiti) Caribbean
Annie John-Jamaica Kincaid (Antigua) Caribbean

Night Dancer-Chika Unigwe (Nigeria) Africa
Purple Hibiscus-Chimanda (Nigeria) Africa
Minaret-Leila Abouleh (Sudan) Africa
Lost Brother-Nathacha Appanah (Mauritus) Africa
Gifted-Nikita Lalwani (UK, India) Europe
Mr. Fox-Helen Oyeyemi (UK, of color) Europe                                                      
Someone’s Garden-Dipika Rai (UK, India) Europe
Gypsy Princess-Violet Cannon (UK, Traveler) Europe
My Mother!-Arantxa Iturbe (Spain, Basque) Europe
Writers in Between Languages-Mari Jose Olaziregi (Spain, Basque) Europe
Same Sea as Every Summer-Esther Tusquets (Spain, Catalan) Europe
Time of Doves-Mercé Rodoreda (Spain, Catalan) Europe
Study in Lilac-Maria Antonia Olíver (Spain, Catalan) Europe
Dangerous Virtues-Ana María Moix (Spain, Catalan) Europe    

Art of Choosing-Sheena Iyenar (Canada, India) North America
Half Blood Blues- Esi Edugyan (Canada, of color) North America
Calligrapher’s Daughter-Eugenia Kim (USA, S. Korean) North Ahmerica
Leaving Atlanta-Tayari Jones (USA, of color) North America
Plague of the Dovesh-Louise Erdrich (USA, Ojibwe) North America
Painted Drum-Louise Erdrich (USA, Ojibwe) North America
Beet Queen-Louise Erdrich (USA, Ojibwe) North America
Love Medicine-Louise Erdrich (USA, Ojibwe) North America
Namesake-Jhumpa Lahiri (USA, India) North America

Persepolis-Marjane Satrapi (Iran) Middle East
My Sister, Guard Your Veil, My Brother, Guard Your Eyes-Lila Azam Zanganesh (Iran) Middle East
Warring Souls-Roxanne Varzi (USA, Iran) Middle East
Dearest Anne-Judith Katzir (Israel) Middle East
Origin-Diana Abu-Jaber (Jordan) Middle East

Bone China-Roma Tearne (Sri Lanka) Asia
A Disobedient Girl-Ru Freeman (Sri Lanka) Asia
Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai-Ruiyan Xu (China) Asia 


  1. Oh, thanks for putting this list together! Bookmarking it for reference!

    1. No problem, I'm glad it's helpful in some way!

  2. Forgot to add, No One Will See Me Cry is *excellent*! And The Country Under My Skin is interesting.

  3. Thanks for sharing your list and providing me with a lot more ideas!

    1. No problem, I'm glad it's helpful in some way!