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Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand-Gioconda Belli

Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand-Gioconda Belli

the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 206
gender: F
nationality: Nicaragua
year: 2009
Novel in translation

"Prepare to enter a fascinating, primitive universe that goes back to the very beginning, to the story upon which Western civilization is based. Poetry and mystery go hand in hand in this transcendent novel about mankind, as never before imagined. Join Adam and Eve as they discover the world for themselves, feel their confusion and panic when they face punishment, and observe in awe as they experience the power to give life and, eventually, the ability to take it away to survive."

Ok, so I was not the ideal reader for this particular book. I didn't really read the blurb well enough before I began reading. I'm not the biggest fan of books that reimagine stories that are so well known. I mean, Belli's transformation of the Biblical story into a personal narrative was extremely well done. The language is beautiful, dichotomies are demoralized (focusing on duality), and even a clever Darwinism tied in but it's still the story you know. The Bible is a sore subject with me so it was really not the right story for me. I enjoyed it a lot more in the beginning but once Cain and Abel show up...yeah.

I can't really write a good review because I finished it and went, well that was well done but eh. I liked things about it (the feminism of actually naming the female twins) and the clever thought exercises of imagining doing things for the first time with nothing explained but despite the short length of the book, it got worn. Nevertheless I recommend this book for those who do enjoy retellings of familiar stories. This creation of complex characters who are not stereotypes in pitch perfect language (sometimes languid and other times rhythmic). I think I'd like to try Belli again because it was beautiful and so well done but this book was not for me.

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