Thursday, August 8, 2013

Britty Britty Bang Bang-Hugh Dennis

Britty Britty Bang Bang-Hugh Dennis

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satisfaction: up
gender: M
nationality: UK
year: 2013
non fiction

Hugh Dennis has secretly been worrying about what being "British" meant for nearly a decade, ever since his friend Ardal O'Hanlon had told him in passing that he was the most British person he had ever met. Hugh was unclear whether he was being praised, teased, vaguely insulted, or possibly all three—because it has always been very difficult to know how to feel about being British. And then the London Olympics came along. They gave the world a gleaming new vision of Britain; a smiling Britain of achievement, a Britain responsible for leading the world into the modern era through the Agrarian and Industrial revolutions, a nation proud to embrace multiculturalism, individuality, and eccentricity. 

I expected wit, irreverence, and erudition from Hugh Dennis and I got it. Occasionally Dennis's jokes may blendin too well with the facts he presents so there's a little risk of misinformation but his rather clever additions slipped in here and there meant I chuckled almost without expecting it.The sections are loosely organized and full of arcane facts-the sort that you'd recall at the pub when some of the inevitable debates about sports occur. Dennis questions the foundations of many things British and gives you plausible answers. This is a great non fiction book as you spend your time learning enjoyably and without any sense of work. It never drags.

Let's be frank, it felt like a great episode of QI which makes Fry's endorsement on the cover rather fitting.

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