Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Reluctant Widow-Georgette Heyer

Reluctant Widow-Georgette Heyer

the facts
satisfaction: up
pages: 278
gender: F
nationality: UK
year: 1946

When Elinor Rochdale boards the wrong coach, she ends up not at her prospective employer's home but at the estate of Eustace Cheviot, a dissipated and ruined young man on the verge of death.

This is my first Heyer despite seeing some of my favorite book bloggers raving about her. It was always just...I really don't read much in the romance genre. However, this will not be my last Heyer.

In fact, I was just blown away by the skill inherent in crafting a novel that could have been written in 1890. The details, the tone, and the plot construction are pitch perfect but with a slightly more modern feel. (I loved Austen to bits and pieces when I was younger but now find her to be a bit too “oh my lord” for my tastes now.) The plot is interesting and atypical in my usual reading choices. Elinor is a great character, headstrong, yes, but not a schemer as so often it seems Regency ladies are. She instead wants to live an honest life but all these things keep happening! It was at times a bit too much peak after peak after peak of excitement but written in a way that you still want to read. The ending, however, kind of felt quite rushed. It was almost like Heyer realized 10 pages from the end that oops, she was actually supposed to be writing a romance novel instead of the excellent whodunit she'd written and tacked it in at the end-which actually worked well for me, that was my least anticipated bit.

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