Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dream of Time-Nancy J. Price

Dream of Time-Nancy J. Price

the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 472
gender: F
nationality: USA
year: 2013

"Each night, when Robin drifts off to sleep, she finds herself dreaming about the life of a woman in the Victorian age. She soon realizes it's not a dream at all, but she is truly slipping into San Francisco's past. While living two lives -- one as a mom in the modern day, the other as a proper young lady at the turn of the century -- she discovers how she's being sent back to a bygone era is only the first mystery. A much more important question is why she's there"

I'm of two minds about this novel.
I loved the unusual premise-living two lives through time travel while asleep. I was excited by the possibilities of it all. Adding a mystery pumped up the complication of the plot and kept me intrigued by all the twists and turns. The Victorian era was well researched and Price inserts some lesser known details and seems to have seriously considered the household differences between our society and the Victorians.
However, the main character seemed almost too young to have even thought about having two kids. Maybe it's my own youth but she makes somewhat baffling decisions and seems a bit flighty. Then there was an element of wish fulfillment-she too easily shrugged off the mores of Victorian society and replaced them with a thoroughly modern sensibility and was still taken seriously-she was definitely having her cake and eating it too. The writing style was a bit too unpolished with all these pop culture references that ironically make me feel like the book will not age well. Finally, there's the love interest who is too modern for a man who grew up in 1900-I mean, it was almost too easy.
Yet, despite all my objections I still enjoyed it quite a bit.

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