Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pray for us Sinners-Peter S. Fischer

Pray for Us Sinners-Peter S. Fischer

the facts
satisfaction: up
pages: 248
gender: M
nationality: USA
year: 2013 
Novel (series)

Joe finds himself in Quebec but it's no vacation. Alfred Hitchcock is shooting a suspenseful thriller called "I Confess" and Montgomery Clift is playing a priest accused of murder. A marriage made in heaven? Hardly. They have been at loggerheads since Day One and to make matters worse their feud is spilling out into the newspapers. When vivacious Jeanne D'Arcy, the director of the Quebec Film Commission volunteers to help calm the troubled waters, Joe thinks his troubles are over but that was before Jean got into a violent spat with a former lover and suddenly found herself under arrest on a charge of first degree murder. Guilty or not guilty? Half the clues say she did it, the other half say she is being brilliantly framed.

From the title I really expected a different type of book but I was pleased to note that it is a Hitchcock reference that was in alignment with the film noir style of the book. It is like a blast from the past of a book that felt like a homage to the mystery sleuths of the film industry. That is set within the film industry with the sort of details an insider knows really adds another level to the development of atmosphere. The mystery itself is kind of fun (you know, clue like) with an emphasis on story telling. The entire book is well wrought with a pleasant pace and a resolution straight from the old school. Excellent for fans of the classics.
And after all, everyone is fascinated with Hollywood's auteur Hitchcock right?

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