Tuesday, December 17, 2013

That Touch of Ink-Diane Vallere

That Touch of Ink-Diane Vallere

the facts
satisfaction: up
pages: 281
gender: F
nationality: USA
year: 2013
Novel (series)

When interior decorator Madison Night receives a five thousand dollar bill in the mail, she knows it's a message from her past. But when she discovers a corpse while trying to learn of the bill's value, Madison suspects her former lover wants more than a reconciliation. His actions belie his intentions, and even a gallon of daisy yellow paint can't hide the writing on the wall. Madison follows a circuit of rare dollars and common sense and discovers a counterfeit operation, a jealous lover, and the true value of her independence.

I feel like I must first start with a disclaimer statement. If you think people who live a vintage lifestyle, dealing in antiques and dressing according to the ideals of a 'golden age', are annoying, you will not tolerate this book. I personally do not like the entire vintage lifestyle and certainly hate 1960s-1970s style but I have a tolerance for those who do as long as they're analytical about the social constraints as well which thankfully Vallere's main character is.

I read around the sometimes too detailed vintage lifestyle indicators and found I really enjoyed the underlying story. It was a complicated mystery that got resolved in a messy way so that felt right. The heroine does not do things that seem too stupid nor is she superhumanly strong which is kind of a rare character to find. She is merely human and as such a very well written character. The plot races a bit but doesn't hesitate to calm down a bit without lagging. The love interests (all a thousand of them, it sometimes seemed) are a bit two dimensional but the mystery/thriller aspects are so well handled I forgave that. Overall, a pleasing mystery to read.

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