Sunday, February 16, 2014

Reading Challenges

Oh boy, apologies for the radio silence on the blog. 2014 has been hard work thus far! I've a long backlog though so I will resume regular posting momentarily.

But First!


I enjoyed having some sort of structured aspect to my reading last year with the Global Woman of Color reading challenge so I decided to thoroughly challenge myself to enter some challenges precisely in a year where I have no public library or budget to draw upon. I'm not really known for my practical sanity.

I don't remember how I found the Eclectic Reader Challenge last year but I did, in September, far too late to join in. As I've always thought of myself as an eclectic reader, it's time to really test that. I've already made some progress

The list of requirements is as follows:
  1. Award Winning
  2. True Crime (Non Fiction)
  3. Romantic Comedy Diary of an Unsmug Married-Polly James
  4. Alternate History Fiction
  5. Graphic Novel
  6. Cosy Mystery Fiction The Garden Plot-Marty Wingate
  7. Gothic Fiction
  8. War/Military Fiction
  9. Anthology
  10. Medical Thriller Fiction
  11. Travel (Non Fiction)
  12. Published in 2014

    These will be tagged as "eclectic" here on the blog.
Given that the Gutenberg Project is my new best friend in terms of reading, it only made sense to join in with the Back to the Classics Challenge.
  1. A 20th Century Classic-
  2. A 19th Century Classic-Agnes Grey-Anne Bronte
  3. A Classic by a Woman Author-
  4. A Classic in Translation
  5. A Classic About War
  6. A Classic by an Author Who Is New To You
  7. An American Classic
  8. A Classic Mystery, Suspense or Thriller-
  9. A Historical Fiction Classic
  10. A Classic That's Been Adapted Into a Movie or TV Series. 

    These will be tagged as "back to the classics". 
I will also be joining the European Reading Challenge, mainly because it is often what I'm trying to do anyway! 

These will be tagged as "Euro reading".

And then it only makes sense to join the Books in Translation Challenge if I'm roaming all over Europe!

These will be tagged as "in trans".

French: Of Fever and Blood
And why, what's this? Around the World in 12 Books? What I'm always trying to do? Definitely joined!
Level 4: The Seasoned Traveller
I've already been to:
Africa: Zimbabwe-The Hangman's Replacement by Taona D. Chiveneko
Zimbabwe- We Need New Names-NoViolet Bulawayo
and Europe so I'm off to a good start. (as well as, of course, The USA)

 These will be tagged "around the world".
So that's the five challenges I've joined in which others will also be participating-three are structured challenges and I'm not shying away from giving it my all. Thankfully, none of them have exclusivity arrangements that one book cannot be used for multiple challenges (just not used for multiple categories within the challenges). I also won't be able to forget my own personal challenge which I'm calling the Challenge with Style aka, reading for my dissertation!

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