Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fall of Saints-Wanjiku WaNgugi

Fall of Saints-Wanjiku WaNgugi

the facts
satisfaction: side/down
pages: 288
gender: F
nationality: Finland, of color
year: 2014

"Mugure and Zack seem to have the picture-perfect family: a young, healthy son, a beautiful home in Riverdale, New York, and a bright future. But one night, as Mugure is rummaging through an old drawer, she comes across a piece of paper with a note scrawled on it—a note that calls into question everything she’s ever believed about her husband . . . "

I finished this book hoping (against hope) there'd be some sort of satisfying ending to what was really a morass of a novel. There's a bit of a feel that the author had a beginning and an end but struggled to create a middle. There's so much going on in this mystery...or was it a mystery? So many issues are raised and then dropped and then suddenly picked up again in a way that I felt like I was left adrift at sea and everyone you were introduced to properly was suspicious. Perhaps that was the intention-throw the reader into the same confusion as the main character but mine was born of frustration with the morass. I guess, it was writing style and 2nd person view that made it feel a bit too amateurish and muddled. I do have to say, it neatly snipped off every loose end but perhaps it would've benefited from not tying those ends together before snipping them off.

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