Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hacked-Geri Hosier

Hacked- Geri Hosier

the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 258
gender: F
nationality: UK
year: 2014

a dead hack, a private eye on the run, a sinister billionaire. It's front page news. Liv Paxton, whipcrack smart chief of London’s biggest murder squad, is hunting the men who slaughtered the reporter at the very heart of the celebrity hacking scandal. As the killers claim another victim, Liv discovers the reporter had been tortured by professional interrogators before he died. What secret story was so dangerous that it cost him his life? Liv quickly finds herself of up against powerful and implacable enemies - on both sides of the law. Enlisting the help of her best friend, newspaper boss Louise Brighouse, Liv enters the world of a mysterious Tartar oligarch and crosses swords with a psychotic underworld kingpin who vows vengeance on her. Her own life is on the line as she peels back layers of deceit and treachery to unveil the most terrifying criminal conspiracy London has ever seen. Hacked is the first in the series of Liv Paxton crime novels

The crime bits were good. So were the thriller and action bits. The love story however really, really, really let it down. It was just so illogical and implausible. I mean Liv, the main character, is really a badass-she navigates her workplace politics astutely and intelligently. But after two weeks of dating this man she turns into a neurotic stereotype all bent out of shape because he hadn't said, “I love you yet”. I lost so much respect for her and all my sympathy about her failed marriage was lost because if the expectations are so unrealistic in the love story, it was hard to buy her perceptions of her job. I just couldn't give an up arrow for this despite how good the crime and thriller parts were.

Anyway, moving on, Hosier was a journalist during the British phone tapping scandal and it shows. The action is written in a gripping, informative way and all the details are nicely tied together. Procedure seemed just about right. Liv, at work, is an excellent character-strong and smart.

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