Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ibeji-Sandie Amey Vaughan

Ibeji- Sandie Amey Vaughan

the facts
satisfaction: up/side
pages: 220
gender: F
nationality: UK, of color
year: 2014

"In her cottage, in the present day English Cotswolds countryside, Kate Bonner is haunted by terrifying dreams of a time long ago. In present day Brazil, Abebi Boronha shuffles the Tarot deck and five ominous cards fall from her hands."

For the most part I actually quite enjoyed the novel. It has an interesting premise with good use of mythology and folk stories embedded into our modern, Western world. The writing wasn't good but also not bad. There was just something clumsy about the rendering of the supernatural which meant my belief was not sustained. 

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