Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jeeves and the Wedding Bells-Sebastian Faulks

Jeeves and the Wedding Bells-Sebastian Faulks

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satisfaction: up
pages: 243
gender: M
nationality: UK
year: 2014

Bertie, nursing a bit of heartbreak over the recent engagement of one Georgina Meadowes to someone not named Wooster, agrees to “help” his old friend Peregrine “Woody” Beeching, whose own romance is foundering. That this means an outing to Dorset, away from an impending visit from Aunt Agatha, is merely an extra benefit. Almost immediately, things go awry and the simple plan quickly becomes complicated. 

This is not high brow literary fiction but it is highly entertaining. It is a light hearted romp with loads of plot to keep you going. The switcheroo plot embroils Bertie into a web of interpersonal relationships that is, objectively, tricky to get out of (and arguably in, as well but no matter). The pacing charmingly transparent. The prose is written irreverently and self-referentially and it all added up to something quite charming. And I surprised myself by actually liking the characters involved.

I had always assumed the Jeeves series was not really for me. I mean, hearty British gentlemen reinforcing hierarchical class systems? Oh please, I lived in the North where the gentlemen are hardier but also rougher so those genteel types with stahff really get on my tits. So, I'm not entirely sure why I requested this homage on netgalley but I know I'm glad I did. I'm now in full intention of picking up one of the Wodehouse originals. 

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