Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Last Clinic-Gary Gusick

Last Clinic-Gary Gusick

the facts
satisfaction: side/up
pages: 264
gender: M
nationality: USA
year: 2012

Part of the Darla Cavannah mystery series, this is set after Cavannah’s husband died. Roused from her mourning, she is partnered with an Elvis impersonator to investigate the death of an anti-abortion reverend.

I have to say this book was like an anti-Jackson ad for me. I despised pretty much every racist, bigoted, misogynistic character Darla met. It was like a parade of people I’d least like to spend time with rendered really well. With the level of hatred I was operating on, I have to admit I finished the novel a bit ambivalent about it all. I have to say though, it takes guts for Gusick to tackle abortion as a central theme of a mystery so I did admire that. I liked Darla herself though-she was competent (especially compared to the Elvis impersonator) and driven. She found clues and followed them. But then there was a bit of insta-love which...probably also contributed to my ambivalence.

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