Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wolf-Mo Hayder

Wolf-Mo Hayder

the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 410
gender: F
nationality: UK
year: 2007

A family is terrorized in their country house by a duo of men.

Ok, I ended up feeling little about the book. I don’t know if I’m just desensitized from too many Austrian films or something but I found little to truly react to. I must say I did like Caffrey-there’s something about such a tortured man as a full detective that was enjoyable. But the plot...I felt a bit too much like I was reading Funny Games. This is totally unfair to Hayder though since she did stray from that particular trajectory but I felt like it went into another tired trope that I’ve also seen before (also in Austrian cinema, yes). I feel like I’m doing the book a bit of a disservice since it is genuinely twisted and disturbing (with just enough humor to make it entertaining), there was just something that failed to get under my skin. I found enough to enjoy that I’m actually looking to read a different book from Hayder.

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