Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant-Joanna Wiebe

Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant- Joanna Wiebe

the facts
satisfaction: up/side
pages: 272
gender: female
nationality: Canada
year: 2014
novel, YA

Anne Merchant ends up going to a very strange boarding school for the wealthy. Fees are not discussed because they are too high and there is a guardian that makes sure you are always living your mission in every way possible so that you may become valedictorian.

I ended up enjoying this despite its flagrant flaws. Predictable? Somewhat, yes, you could give good guesses at what was going on before Anne got even half way through. Stilted prose? Somewhat-could have done with some more editing for flow. A preponderance for cliffhangers? Undoubtedly. A bit too focused on being secretive? Yes but it’s a hard thing to balance.

But I ended up genuinely enjoying reading this. It was the atmosphere-very creepy, subtly painted. It was everywhere, the fog, the architecture, everything suitably creepy at times and carefree and beautiful at others. The romance thread was actually quite interesting-a rare thing for me to say-primarily because it was steeped in distance and secrets. I guess it was because I genuinely liked Anne Merchant-the narrator and main character. She is flawed but innately curious in a way that is quite approachable and relatable. 

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