Thursday, November 27, 2014

Snow in May-Kseniya Melnik

Snow in May-Kseniya Melnik

the facts
satisfaction: up
pages: 272
gender: female
nationality: Russia
year: 2013
short story collection

Set in Magadan, Siberia-a short story collection focused upon people.

I got chilly reading this book. The prose is so well done and evocative-pared down much like I imagine the tundra does to your dreams. You learn a lot about Magadan, this former work camp, Melnik’s hometown in a way that feels natural-like getting to know someone and hearing about their hometown. You hear the great things, the annoying things, and the things that make you want to leave. The stories blend together and interplay-the struggles of communism, the struggle to survive in such a harsh climate, and the social changes all collide and integrate story by story. The stories vary in length but all of them give you a character. The details are Soviet/Russian but the themes of trying to follow your dreams no matter what are universal.

Absolutely delightful. I usually end short story collections not sure what I will write (some stand outs, many that...blend together) but this one-I recommend wholeheartedly.

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