Saturday, January 17, 2015

Good Bye 2014, Hello 2015!

My backlog of book reviews is really long and scary so once I finish this new year and return to work/write abstracts madness, do expect a dense schedule of posts.
In 2014 I read 146 books (as opposed to previous years of 110 and 192). On average these books were 312 pages. I read a bunch of novellas so that brought the number down but I also slogged through so many 700 pagers! So since I began to have to be reliant on galleys for things to read, my decades is securely 2010-by a long shot. Wow. But I read something from the 1540s so at least that's in character. Thankfully though, I still am reading a majority of women writers even if I failed at garnering a good geographic range. I only went to 27 countries this year and the English dominance really continues. But really what I failed at was reading more non-fiction! Lowest non-fiction count yet! I abandoned a lot of books this year I must admit.

Top 14 of 2014

Not at all in order but the best reads of 2014:
Brutal Youth-Anthony Breznican
Fair Fight-Anna Freeman
Past the Shallows-Favel Parrot

Honorable Mentions: Panic, An Officer and a Spy, The First 15 Lives of Harry August, Soloman the Peacemaker, Theft of Life, The Good Children, White Tiger on Snow Mountain

book I should not have read: The Accident-C. L. Taylor. I read the blurb and already knew I wouldn't enjoy it...and yet I still did that to myself.

most disturbing: The Kept-James Scott . So.bleak. So good but so bleak.

hardest to read: Triangle-Hisaki Matsuura. It was so totally not my style and I cannot suppress the unconscious sneer of disgust that comes to my face when I think about it. Yeah, that's how negative my feelings about it are but I pushed myself to finish it certain that it would change.