Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Red Tale-Nicola Mar

Red Tale- Nicola Mar

the facts
satisfaction: down/side
pages: 262
gender: F
nationality: St. Michael
year: 2014
young readers

In a world affected by ‘global cooling’, the Caribbean is mired in ice and Stasia Forrestor is cold. So cold she discovers a funnel to another world called Surritz. However, figuring out who to trust is harder than it needs to be.

This really felt like it had the potential to be there at the beginning but the world building really let it down. The narrator’s voice was quite whiny with a lack of character development that meant that the plot actually had no drive aside from the issues of pacing and connecting that it also suffered from. There was never any reason why Stasia needed to do the things ‘she needed to do’. This would have been alright if the world building wasn’t so simplistic. So much of this wonderful fantasy world was taken for granted or left unexplained which is quite a shame considering there were like three threads of ‘menace’ to the world. Nothing got connected and nothing was dwelled on making this a somewhat annoying read what with all the business (not denseness) of the plot.

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