Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Lying Down Room-Anna Jaquiery

The Lying Down Room-Anna Jaquiery
the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 326
gender: F
nationality: France
year: 2014
A mysterious death in Paris leads to two suspects and the stressed out detective to the darkest reaches of Soviet Russia.

Commandant Morel. He is an unusual character-different from the typical detective in these sorts of stories, deeply embedded into his cultural context, and never falls into pastiche. His relationships with his coworkers are complicated but realistic and the use of origami as a way to display his calm, methodical character was clever. The unfolding of the investigation itself was well-paced and engaging. But somewhere along the line, it failed me. Maybe the book was overall too somber, too deeply interested in creating an atmosphere that foreshadowed tragedy or maybe there was too much detail. But as the book geared up to the atrocities that created the killer, I grew disengaged and uninterested. I'd be interested in future installments as I did really enjoy Morel but the story and motivations of the killers were less entertaining or believable.

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