Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bringing It All Back-Nicola Lagioia

Bringing It All Back-Nicola Lagioia

the facts
satisfaction: side/up
pages: 138
gender: M
nationality: Italy
year: 2014
novel(la) in translations
Following three friends, this is a coming of age story set in the optimism of the 1980s that quickly sours.

This wasn't bad but it felt too short. I don't mean this in the "wish it never ended" way but rather that too much went unsaid. The narrator talks about investigating the events that changed his life but never actually says what those events were. If he did, it was buried or was not something I personally could consider life-changing. As I am obviously not Italian, a boy/man, nor did I spend my childhood in Bari in the 1980s, I really found the characters so inexplicable and therefore very opaque. I'm not going to blame Lagioia however, as that is how I feel about every Italian male I've ever met so perhaps it's actually just a personal flaw. You see, despite my complete loss of the point/events and the characters I failed to understand or really care about, I still recognized that this was really well written. The translation lost none of the flow I associate with Italian texts and the phrases were sometimes so well written so as to expose such impressive literary literacy. And the setting was well-populated with pop-culture and little touches that made it clear that this was the experience of the young

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