Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dance of a Sham-Paul Emond

Dance of a Sham-Paul Emond
the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 96
gender: M
nationality: Belgium
year: 1979
novella in translation
A breathless sentence of a novella featuring a single narrator-who may be who he tells you he is.

There is only one sentence in these 96 pages so the structure and rythm must be taken at the 120km/hr it is written to carry you along. It's successful and very well structured from a writing style view-it's hard to tear yourself away even as the sentence mutates and you realize just how unreliable the narrator is. I love unreliable narrators and this narrative starts with admiring his friend and mutates into talking about himself which is usually a big draw for me. However, I ended up a bit miffed at the structure. I understand that it was meant so that you couldn't take breaks and perhaps reflect on how much truth is really being said but it also meant that the progression was not as subtle as would have been amazing. Instead, I felt a bit like I had been cornered at a party and forced to listen to someone I could barely understand over the noise of the party to whom I would have said almost anything to escape. 

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