Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gone Are the Leaves-Anne Donovan

Gone Are the Leaves-Anne Donovan
the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 336
gender: F
nationality: UK
year: 2014
Set in the castle of a Scottish laird, Feilamort has a beautiful singing voice. The lady of the house wants to preserve it and Dierdre the young seamstress loves him for himself.

Dierdre is a bit of an annoying narrator. She is perhaps too naive for my taste and much of the book felt like it dwelled so much upon the whining of this sheltered character-chapters of I Miss My Mother and I Don't Know What's Going On But I Can't Do Anything. Which, in the time period of the novel does make some sense however, I really most enjoyed the chapters written by other characters. Unfortunately, these other characters are never fully realized as people and you are basically left with Dierdre. I felt frustrated throughout the book with the glimpses of something more interesting happening around Dierdre. Then when the book comes to its climax, I just could no longer really care and considered Dierdre so daft I could not actually trust her accounts which just frustrated me so much more. Other characters in the book were so much more proactive or able to inform themselves, why did we have to hear so much from the one character who couldn't?

And no, my frustrations were not from the Scots dialect in which it was written. Though I have awful hearing comprehension of Scottish accents and dialects, the Scots Donovan writes in is lighter and clearer than other such books (I'm looking at you Trainspotting).

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