Thursday, April 16, 2015

Inca's Death Cave-Bradford G. Wheler

Inca’s Death Cave-Bradford G. Wheler
the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 394
gender: M
nationality: USA
year: 2014
A professor jumps at the chance to investigate an Incan mystery.
Ok, so as you may have surmised from my previous reviews, I am an archaeologist. My 'guilty pleasure' is reading novels incorporating archaeology and then scoffing at the lazy archaeology wherein. This is not one of those. The archaeology in this novel is like... dream archaeology. Archaeology without a budget. An archaeologist with so many resources at his fingertips AND the ability to take advantage of them. There's probably no academic for whom this is not a treasured dream but archaeologists in my experience suffer an inordinate number of obstacles. So, that is what this novel feels like in the end-an academic's fantasy with a bit more adventure than reality would allow but also a better budget.

The archaeology is fantastic. I have no quibble with the techniques or archaeological story. It's the characters and how unbelievably perfect they were. The professor is always quick witted. The billionaire is just...unbelievable. His grad student is of course beautiful AND quick witted. The team bickers but works to absurd deadlines by selflessly redirecting their research. So much fantasy.

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