Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Butcher-Jennifer Hillier

Butcher-Jennifer Hillier
the facts
satisfaction: side/up
pages: 352
gender: F
nationality: Canada
year: 2014
Thirty years after his triumphal capture of a serial killer, Edward Shank, turns his house over to his grandson. However, his son finds a crate with some unexpected contents. His girlfriend meanwhile is writing about serial killers.

This was certainly entertaining. Hillier handles the suspense well-she builds up and then releases the tensions elegantly. Except, to me, she do so too quickly. You learn several crucial things early. Like in the first three chapters and so the book is more about when/how the characters will confront each other about what they learned. I don't know, while I enjoyed the story itself and worried about some of the characters, it was all a little... You know like when you were in high school and you chose the book to write an essay about so you liked it but upon the close reading and your teacher's insistence on "teasing out all the symbolism" you start to be more ambivalent about the whole thing even as you are full of enough information to write an A+ paper. Yeah, that's a bit how I ended this reading experience. I knew my "topic sentence" too early and then had to slog through a lot of information to make sure it was supported.

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