Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Swell-Ioanna Karystiani

Swell-Ioanna Karystiani

the facts
satisfaction: down/side
pages: 272
gender: F
nationality: Greece
year: 2010
novel in translation

Mistos Avgust√¨s is a revered sea captain who has not been back home in decades, not even to know his son. This is the story of his last journey where he confronts a major storm and the trepidation of returning to land.

Had I not been stuck on a plane, I would not made it even halfway through this. Karystiani just writes on and on in this manner that feels so self-consciously pretty. There's a sort of detachment to her prose that keeps the reader a further distance from the plot. I couldn't really tell my traveling companions what the book was about while I was reading. I was just overwhelmed by how bored I was. I think that this detachment was intentional because the main character, Mitsos the sea captain, was so self-isolating. By the time the novel finished off and we learn the defining aspect of Mitsos's life, I summoned some admiration but I'd been so at arms length that it didn't really make a difference.

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