Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lost Art of Sinking-Naomi Booth

Lost Art of Sinking-Naomi Booth
the facts
satisfaction: down
pages: 137
gender: F
nationality: UK
year: 2015

A girl romanticizes the perfect arch of her back during a faint and seeks the perfect audience for her greatest arched back.

I liked the way Booth writes. It is like a gently burbling brook, a languid prose perfectly suited for the subject matter of fainting. Nothing is really jarring and it just laps at your toes.
I hated just about everything else. I spent the entire reading of this thankfully short book (137pg) railing against the utterly weak and pointless life of Esther. She does things that are inexplicable but not in an interesting way and is so totally unaware of a 'secret' that is so obvious from the start that really just beggared belief. I hated her mother's character-the sheer vanity really removed any sympathy from my reading and therefore Esther was just more pathetic seeming. I mean, the blurb talks about obsession but really this book was about surrendering and passively floating through life like it doesn't exist. Her actions are empty, her relationships superficial and I really wanted to beat her up. I kept hoping the pace would pick up and then /something/ would happen but thankfully the book ended instead.

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