Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blood Med- Jason Webster

Blood Med-Jason Webster

the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 368
gender: M
nationality: USA
year: 2014

An American girl is found dead and Cámara finds himself embroiled in corruption during his investigations.

Set in Valencia in post-financial meltdown Spain, this is not an optimistic book. Sure, there's some procedural stuff in here, a crime is being investigated and someone died but really this is more of a book detailing the decline of a society. Spain in this book is disintegrating and the characters talk politics almost more than they speak of the murder. Fascism is on the rise and really I almost felt like I was not so much reading a mystery book but rather a book written by the doomsayers. I live in Greece, during financial meltdown (which is nowhere as quick as the meltdown in this book), and there were so many parallels that I must admit I became a bit depressed. I felt the same sense of helplessness as when I talk about Greek politics with the people I know and I finished the book much the same way I finish most of these real-life discussions, helpless and doomed.

Maybe I don't drink enough.

I think Webster's flaws for me are that his book was too timely and too intense.
Strengths for most readers but not for me at this time.

Furthermore, I don't know but something about Cámara was too well-done. None of the dangers he found himself in made him change as a person and none of them really seemed to be truly dangerous-of course he'd survive! No, most of the (life-changing) violence in the novel occurs to the women.
Le Sigh.

I still rank it was three stars on sites like goodreads though since it is intensely written, gritty in the expected ways, and there's a definite affinity for Valencia woven throughout all this doom and gloom.

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