Thursday, May 12, 2016

Misdiagnosed-Jody Berger

Misdiagnosed: One Woman's Tour and Escape from Healthcareland -Jody Berger

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pages: 280
gender: F
nationality: USA
year: 2015

Rejecting her diagnosis of MS, Berger explores her options.

I caught a glimpse of another review that snarked that the subtitle could be "one woman's search for a diagnosis she wanted". I agree, completely. Don't get me wrong. I actually kind of enjoyed the book. It's a healthcare odyssey I'd never take myself (see Trick or Treatment, an examination of alternative medicine). Not least because I do not have the kind of money that would allow me to explore all sorts of alternate medical options but primarily too because I would not really consider alternative medicine until I'd found a Federal board-certified specialist who I felt like took a good look at my scan. See, this is really my problem, Berger considers that her original doctor didn't take the time to look at the scan so she bangs her head a couple of times against that same wall and then runs off to juice cleanses and IV chelation. Why not find a different specialist whose bedside manner felt more comfortable to her? The other problem I had is Berger's claim that she was always healthy. But the way that she describes her my opinion, that is when she was first misdiagnosed and it takes her a little too long to see what I thought immediately; her mother's reaction to her childhood is why she took this super long journey to find a different diagnosis.

Nevertheless, this book's strength, the actual core message is that you should not just accept what doctors tell you. You should take command of your own healthcare (though with a grain of salt, I visibly winced when the alternative doctor gave her statistics...and then she compared them to the peer-reviewed medical ones...), demand the time you deserve (you deserve it no matter what), and advocate for yourself (ask questions!). This is what I firmly believe. I've had chronic illness since I was born and I've seen so many doctors over the years-been lucky to find some great ones but also met my fair share of those who have been dismissive. For those who are lucky enough not to have so much intimate experience of the healthcare system, this is the best message this book could give.

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  1. I am so glad that Ms Berger has written "Misdiagnosis". She is helping to bring to light the dangerous, disastrous state of health care in this country. I can add to her experience with my own "decent into hell". Read her book if you haven't. I encourage Ms Berger to use her talents to fight big money medicine: doctors, hospitals, drug companies and create a patient centered delivery system. There is power in groups, we need a nation wide movement! Let's start!