Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tell the Wind and Fire-Sarah Rees Brennan

Tell the Wind and Fire-Sarah Rees Brennan

the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 560
gender: F
nationality: Ireland
year: 2016

A fantasy-dystopic novel about a city split into Light and Dark according to their magical abilities. Lucie has everything she wants in the Light but only due to careful secret hoarding. Yet the Dark side draws her back in.

Honestly, I almost didn't finish this book which would have been a pity. I loved the ending. This is such a rare thing that I have to lead this review with that fact-I liked the ending more than the rest of book. And not in that cruel, "glad it ended" way. Nor in that, oh, that was a charming happy ending. No, it was the way it suited the novel, the feelings it engendered and the way that is ended up making me cry even though I nearly didn't even get to the ending.
Well done Brennan.
But to get there, it's a little difficult. This is not an easy world to transition into-there's a lot that contradicts each other and the narrator's, Lucie's, refusal to engage with the realities of her world means that a lot of the world building was almost done in the periphery. You only got information just as it affected the plot. As such, coherency was difficult to achieve and it lacked the 'sinking into this world' feeling so essential to feeling like you understand what the setting is. And then, there's Lucie herself. Since she hides so much from everyone around her, the reader, herself, she's hard to like or recognize as a well-developed character. I fear that I still don't really understand why all this happened to her (especially given how much she fought being involved in any way).
Yet I'm glad I continued reading so perhaps it was just me, my mood, my own stresses that made this almost a DNF.

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