Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Kaminsky Cure-Christopher New

The Kaminsky Cure-Christopher New

the facts
satisfaction: up
pages: 320
gender: M
nationality: UK
year: 2016

A novel about a family of a Lutheran Reverend classified as half Jewish in Nazi Austria.

This was a deceptively hilarious account of being 'other' in Nazi Austria. The title refers to the tactic of holding a mouthful of water in order to stop from saying what you will regret. The converted-to-Christianity-Jew in this novel, Gabi, is forced to frequently employ this tactic. This is a tragicomedy. It shouldn't be funny but it is with the utter surrealities and ironies of life delivered with perfect timing. And like any good improv sketch, there are call-backs and repetitions that make it even funnier. But New is never taking his subject lightly. It is hard and difficult to be a half-Jew born to a Lutheran true party believer during the World Wars in Austria. The family characters are well developed from the thoroughly unpalatable Reverand Willibald to the ill-in-the-body Jewish Gabi fighting to educate her ungrateful half-Jewish family any way she can to the self-hatred of Ilse and the heartrendingly sad Sara who grows up too fast. Martin is the least developed, leaving him as a kid blind to the fact that he is not the best nor could he ever be a fighter in the German army. The child's viewpoint actually works here (part of the surrealism comes from the child's vantage) and matures accordingly to his age and circumstances-a rarity when done without jumps in time. A rewarding read-entertaining but never shying away from the horrors of the fight for humanity.

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