Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wolf in the Attic-Paul Kearney

The Wolf in the Attic-Paul Kearney

the facts
satisfaction: side/up
pages: 320
gender: M
nationality: UK
year: 2016

Anna is stranded in strange cold England with her father, both refugees from the Greco-Turkish population exchange chaos. She has only her doll for company but then she meets Luca, a strange amber eyed boy. She later finds him in her attic and her whole life changes.

I am ambivalent about this book. On the one hand, I really really enjoyed it. The way Kearney uses myths and twists them about into a fascinating blend was what kept me reading it. I enjoyed reading this rather strange account of the utterly lonely Anna. It is evocatively written and the pacing is quick and decisive.
Then I put my reviewer's hat on and my goodness, there's a lot to say that sounds so negative. But I enjoyed this book! Ok, so to start, there's a fair bit that seems almost unnecessary (like the short-lived Tolkien/Lewis plotline) but that's excusable-it did set the scene and time. The ending is both pat and obscure-on the one hand, it's a happy ending but also what on earth happened?! But I guess what I liked least were the more ethnic aspects. When Kearney stuck to the more British folklore and myths, that's when this story shone. His use of the British landscape and the vagueness of his sources kept me going along and enjoying myself.  But I think it's endlessly lazy to  paint the Roma as exotic manipulative villains. Really now. And then there was the very heavy dose of Anti-Turkish sentiment in Anna's (a Pontian Greek) backstory. In my experience, knowing many Pontic Greeks and reading dry historical accounts, the stories told about this (horrific episode in history) tend to be different in tone-a strange-to-convey balance of love for their land, the betrayal of their neighbors but also their own culpability in a way. Children in particular tend to express such pasts in a different way so Kearney's approach was a little too heavy handed and a bit too "adult". I do wonder that were I not so familiar with the situation, would this have been a problem? Probably not but it did destroy my suspension of belief especially along with the manipulative charismatic Roma.

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