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As Far As You Can Go-Lesley Glaister

As Far as You Can Go-Lesley Glaister

the facts
satisfaction: side
pages: 327
gender: F
nationality: UK
year: 2004

An English couple answer a newspaper ad and find themselves in the Australian outback.

I don't know. I didn't quite engage with this novel. It's supposed to be a psychological thriller but it was one of those occasions when you're like, are these people stupid? Who thought this could be a good idea?! Like a horror film where you're like OF course, you died, you idiot, you went into the dark room where there was screaming without a weapon.
Problem 1: Answering a newspaper ad to go to a geographically isolated place WITHOUT meeting the only other people there. Of course, a meeting doesn't always raise alarm bells but in this case, due to their first meeting, it would have.
Problem 2: Your relationship is in trouble. Let's go to a place where you can't escape each other and try to "fix" the other person. Never. ever. going. to. work. It's like when a couple first moves in with each other and suddenly end up arguing every day about which way the toilet roll should unroll but instead of being able to go and rant to your friends, you just have...the outback. And, I'm sorry, no one can 'fix' another person if that person doesn't want to be fixed-and it's rare.
So, as a result, the first half of this book felt interminable as Glaister forms the characters in this relationship. Don't get me wrong, the characters are strongly imagined and well developed but the pacing was soooo slow for someone like me who felt like she'd sized up the relationship from the first 20 pages. 50+ pages later, finally, they're realizing that they should be leaving and any suspense for me was gone.
However, what Glaister really does well is the creation of the setting. My god, the outback, the heat, the insects, and the landscape were like their own characters. I'm glad to have read this book for the setting at the very least.

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