Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017!

In 2016, I read 159 books at an average of 339 pages per book. Clearly, I've spent the year procrastinating some things. I still read a lot of galleys so 2010 is the heaviest decade but I did get into Georgette Heyer a bit for awhile there so there's other years represented. I read more women than men though not terribly significantly more. 10% of the books read were originally in other languages and I visited 29 countries. The ratio of fiction to nonfiction is so heavily to fiction, it's not even funny.

Not At All in Order-Best Books of 2016:
Twice a Stranger-Bruce Clark
Almost a Woman-Esmeralda Santiago
Argonauts-Maggie Nelson
A Civil Contract-Georgette Heyer
Queen's Play-Dorothy Dunnett
Dreadfulwater Shows Up-Hartley Goodweather/Thomas King
Milicent LeSueur-Margaret Moseley
Anna In-Between-Elizabeth Nunez
Clariel-Garth Nix
Feed-Mira Grant
Tale of the Disposessed-Laura Restrepo
Only the Road/Solo El Camino-ed. Margaret Randall
To the Bright Edge of the World-Eowyn Ivey

Books I Should Not Have Read: Practice of Everyday Life-de Certeau & The Midwife-Katja Kettu

Hardest to Read: Monsieur Le Commandant-Roman Slocombe