Review Policy

Thanks for wanting to give me a book! We all love free things!

However, I am the only poster here thus I will not host guest posts or interviews. I will limit giveaways because postage is a killer nowadays.

I do like
-books from small independent presses. I like to support the little/local companies. These books would get passed on to others after I finish them.
-archaeological books (see below for that subset of criteria)
-translations from languages I cannot read
-recommendations that are similar to my already gushed about books (on goodreads/librarything, those are the 4-5 star books)
-books by authors of color or minority cultures (for example: Galician, Basque or Extremaduran authors)
-books that are not from USA or UK
-female authors

My favorite non fiction tends to be narrative. But I read on sex & gender issues (especially trans and queer), introverts, the mind/choice, and folk crafts . I identify as a radical, genderist anarcho-socialist agnostic.

My archaeological research topics are ceramics, post-depositional processes, prehistoric Europe, trade, community, and societal systems.
I am NOT at all interested in historical cultures (i.e. NO CLASSICS), religion, anthropology, or concepts of art.
I have primarily worked in the Old World/Western former colonialist powers.

I read on a tablet. and prefer .epubs I may highlight.

I do not like deadlines and will abandon books without any shame if they don't endear themselves to me. That is to say, even if you end up sending me a book, I do not promise to read and post about it. Sorry, harsh but true.
I am active on Netgalley.

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